~*~Lisa~*~ (gr8cw) wrote,

• woke up at 5:45. Took all boys to get coffee
• Anna started texting me early that she wanted to come home!
• Nance was supposed to get up at 9 for us to go shopping but that was more like 10:30
• when she did come down I told her how Anna wanted her to get her on the bus...well then that's when he'll broke loose! She said "why?". Then I explained that she needed to know time wise and she said "set the timer !".
• I said "whatever!" and ran upstairs to MY room!!!
• eventually I came down and we went to market basket but I was still pissed!
• after spending $115 we cans home to diareah on the dining room rug!
• nance went out to do lawn and I went upstairs to sleep or so I thought
• gramps was whistling for me to go to the ER! We were in ER for 8 hours and he still isn't in his room!
• the 1st doctor we saw kind of made us feel stupid for going in for a bruise...but after his blood work was done she said it was a very good thing we went in!
• so we waited and waited for the admitting hospitalist doctor to come in. When she came in and introduced herself got a lump in my throat! Her name was Dr. O'Shea! Then she got a call and excused herself and when she came back she said that was her husband on the phone and that he was a hemotologist...so she is the wife of Dr. O'Shea!
• dad is going up to 337! I came home @ 8:30

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